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Now in our second decade of producing the most refined, most luxurious and most iconic objects of desire in the world, LELO has established a heritage based on quality, on unexpected innovation and on being entirely different from everything and everyone else.
LELO is driven by an insatiable curiosity, a desire to explore and refine the space where digital technology and human sensation intersect. That’s what makes us unique, different, and uniquely different.
Our uniqueness is rooted in our design-led approach to our products. We have an intrinsic and instantly recognizable design DNA; principles which inform all of our creations from start to finish and which evolve over time to stay ahead of the tide.
Today, we have offices across the world, from Shanghai to San Jose, but our heart and soul are still firmly in Sweden. And everything that we’ve accomplished so far is due to the innovation of our award-winning products.

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